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How to avoid hidden column in search results?

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In the search results, by default the hidden columns will be included after searching in JavaScript Grid. We can able to prevent this default behavior by following solution.


To search the Grid over visible columns alone, mention the visible column’s field names in the fields property of Grid searchSettings. Refer to the following code examples.

    <div id="Grid"></div>


<script type="text/javascript">
    $(function () {
            dataSource: window.gridData,
            allowPaging: true, 
            //Visible column's field 
            searchSettings: { fields: ["OrderID","ShipCity","Verified"] },
            toolbarSettings: {
                showToolbar: true,
                toolbarItems: [ej.Grid.ToolBarItems.Search]
            columns: [
                    { field: "OrderID" },
                    { field: "CustomerID", visible: false },
                    { field: "EmployeeID", visible: false },
                    { field: "Freight", format: "{0:C2}", visible: false },
                    { field: "ShipCity" },
                                      { field: "Verified" }



           .ToolbarSettings(tools => {
                    .ToolbarItems(items => { 
           .SearchSettings(search => {
               search.Fields(field => { 
           .Columns(col =>



public class HomeController : Controller
    public ActionResult Index() {
        ViewBag.datasource = new NorthwindDataContext().OrdersViews.ToList(); ;
        return View();



<ej:Grid ID="OrdersGrid" runat="server" AllowPaging="True">
    <SearchSettings Fields="OrderID,ShipCity,Verified" />
    <ToolbarSettings ShowToolbar="True" ToolbarItems="search"/>
        <ej:Column Field="OrderID" />
        <ej:Column Field="CustomerID" Visible="false"/>
        <ej:Column Field="EmployeeID" Visible="false"/>
        <ej:Column Field="Freight" Format="{0:C2}" Visible="false"/>
        <ej:Column Field="ShipCity" />
        <ej:Column Field="Verified" />




public partial class GridFeatures : System.Web.UI.Page
    List<Orders> order = new List<Orders>();
    protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
        int orderId = 10643;
        int empId = 0;
        for (int i = 1; i < 9; i++)
            order.Add(new Orders(orderId + 1, "ALFKI", empId + 1, 32.38, "Alfreds Futterkiste ", "Germany"));
            order.Add(new Orders(orderId + 2, "ANATR", empId + 2, 11.61, "Ana Trujillo Emparedados y helados", "Mexico"));
            order.Add(new Orders(orderId + 3, "ANTON", empId + 3, 45.34, "Antonio Moreno Taquería", "Mexico"));
            order.Add(new Orders(orderId + 4, "AROUT", empId + 4, 37.28, "Around the Horn", "UK"));
            order.Add(new Orders(orderId + 5, "BERGS", empId + 5, 67.00, "Berglunds snabbköp", "Sweden"));
            order.Add(new Orders(orderId + 6, "BLONP", empId + 6, 23.32, "Blondel père et fils", "France"));
            orderId += 6;
            empId += 6;
        this.OrdersGrid.DataSource = order;


Search results of visible column in JavaScript Grid

Figure: Search results of visible columns



I hope you enjoyed learning about how to avoid hidden column in search results.

You can refer to our JavaScript Grid feature tour page to know about its other groundbreaking feature representations and documentation, and how to quickly get started for configuration specifications. You can also explore our JavaScript Grid example to understand how to create and manipulate data.

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If you have any queries or require clarifications, please let us know in the comments section below. You can also contact us through our support forumsDirect-Trac, or feedback portal. We are always happy to assist you!

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