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How to refresh a row without refreshing the data source

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There may be an instance, where we need to refresh a specific row instead of refreshing the entire data source, and it is possible in TreeGrid using refreshRow method.

The below code snippet explains refreshing a specific row in TreeGrid with the changes in a column value using the row index.

function rowRefresh() {
//To get the value entered in TextBox
var textName = $('#refreshedTaskName').val(),
textIndex = $('#indexSelected').val(),
treeObj = $("#TreeGridContainer").data("ejTreeGrid"),
updatedRecords = treeObj.model.updatedRecords;
//To retrieve the required row from updated records
itemToUpdate = updatedRecords[textIndex];
if (itemToUpdate) {
//To refresh the required record
itemToUpdate.taskName = itemToUpdate.item.taskName = textName;
else {
alert("Enter a valid Index");

Click here to find the sample for the above scenario.

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