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Passing Model Options in Syncfusion Angular Components

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Generally, Syncfusion Angular Components supports Property Binding. We can bind property to the syncfusion controls with in square brackets ‘[]’. In Some cases, we need to bind the whole properties as an object rather than property by property.

To achieve this requirement, we can use options property for Syncfusion Angular Components. We can bind EJComponents properties as an JSON object to options property.

Here we rendered ejButton Component and size, height and text of ejButton properties are passed as JSON object to options property.

Refer to the below code snippet to declare the options property in view.


<button type="button" id="button" ej-button [options]="option"></button>



Refer to the below code snippet to pass the JSON data to options property.


import { Component } from '@angular/core';



  selector: 'ej-app',

  templateUrl: './app.component.html',


export class AppComponent {

  option: any;


  this.option = {

    height:'50px', size: ‘large', text: 'my-button'







Two way Databinding Property is not supported in Options property.



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