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How to perform File Upload without using Browse button

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How to perform File Upload without using Browse button


The Uploadbox’s file select dialog can be triggered by any button or image. To do that, the Uploadbox is needed to be rendered and the height and width property is set as “0px”. Now, the upload box with browse button will be hidden in DOM. Then you can manually trigger the file select dialog on the click event of the Image or button.

Consider the following example,

<div class="frame">
    <div class="control">
        Click the "Google" image to trigger Upload file select
        <div class="posupload">
            <img onclick="imgClick()" src="" width="272"  height="92" />


In the above code, a simple image along with Uploadbox control is added. Now using the click event handler of the image, the click for the Uploadbox is triggered. Refer to the following code,

    function imgClick(e) {
        var uploadObj = $("#UploadDefault").data("ejUploadbox");


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